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The Story


We’re excited to introduce you to the newest addition to our family, the Shawn & Ed Brewing Company. Their story is forged in friendship and started more than 25 years ago at the McMaster University Campus in Hamilton, Ontario where two friends shared a dream to one day open a brewery. Flash forward to summer of 2013 at Shawn Till’s annual cottage gathering with fellow friends and McMaster alumni which included his partner in crime and President of Flat Rock Cellars, Ed Madronich. With the two of of them sitting by the lake, beers in hand, they knew the time had come to bring their dream to life.

Authenticity and quality was as important then as it is now. This meant no short cuts and taking our time to find the perfect location to brew the best possible beer. When the old Dundas Curling and Skating Rink went up for sale, there was no question that they had found the perfect location. What Canadian wouldn’t want to put a brewery inside an old curling and skating rink? This building has a tremendous amount of character and history and our mission was to restore as much of it as possible. We wanted the Shawn & Ed Brewing Company to bring the building’s rich history back to life.

The Beers


We strive to produce the best possible beer using carefully selected ingredients and brewing with great care and craftsmanship. Our beer is Forged In Friendship and we want to share delicious craft brews that everyone can appreciate with their friends. The focus has always and will always be, on quality not quantity. In all of our brews we use four natural ingredients but it’s our distinct and unique recipes that make our beer stand out. We aim to create something for everyone to enjoy.




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