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Is More Than Meets The Eye

Viewed from above, the Flat Rock Vineyard appears a relatively uniform and harmonious site. Down on the ground however, it is strewn with a variety of complex geological features and soil types. It is a dynamic place changing aspects and elevations leading to complex topographical patchwork of grape varieties and clones resulting in wines as unique as the site.

The same distinctive rock features that make our wines unique, now take center stage on our new labels. Cross-sections of limestone were obtained from our vineyard by a geologist and one-of-a-kind microscopic images were used to create bold, texturally rich images that speak to the uniqueness of our place. Authentic inside and out.


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Our Greatest Achievement 

We enter each harvest with the goal of expressing that vintage’s story and to convey the purity, complexity and potential of our exceptional site. The Capstone Series is the culmination of our soil, climate and winemaking knowledge coming together to create the ultimate expression of our unique single variety vineyards. These Capstone Series wines are the pinnacle of what we do and are intended to age for a decade or more.

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Uncompromising Quality, Exceptional Value

The foundation for great wine is built from the geologically diverse, ancient limestone soil upon which our exceptional winery stands. The wines of the Foundation Series are classically fruit-driven and varietal-focused, each enhanced by the unmistakable traits of the Flat Rock Vineyard. The wines are sustainably made with great care and precision in our five-level gravity-flow production facility.

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Innovation & Experimentation

Since the beginning, innovation and experimentation has been at the heart of everything we do. Each vintage we experiment with all the tools and parameters at our disposal. In some cases, we choose to let the differing outcomes stand on their own and give our customers the chance to see, taste and learn alongside us. These ever-changing and constantly evolving projects drive our relentless pursuit of knowledge and winemaking excellence.


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