Within Ontario.

Our success comes from the land. Preserving this inherited ecosystem is a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

– Ed Madronich, President

What does it mean to be a Certified Sustainability Winery?

In order for Ontario wineries to be a certified sustainable winery, they must complete an in-depth
questionnaire to validate their sustainable practices that are verified through an independent
audit. To date only 13 Ontario wineries have achieved this certification.

Our incorporated environmentally responsible technologies include:

o  Geo-thermal systems for heating and cooling.
o Environmentally sensitive waste management system.
o The use of ozone to clean, reducing the use of chemicals in the winery.
o Low impact viticulture practices to manage vineyard.
o Gravity flow reduces the energy required to make wine.
o Landscaping that complements natural surroundings.
o Underground barrel cellars offering natural temperature and humidity control.
o Light-weight glass options minimizes carbon footprint.

When you see the green leaf logo, you are guaranteed that the winery has adhered
to a sustainable soil to shelf path throughout the winemaking process.



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