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2020 twisted fam


The Twisted family of wines is all about making serious stuff and injecting a sense of fun and enthusiasm.

It all started in 2004, when our internationally influenced winemaking team sought to produce something a little different; a wine that breaks all the rules and tastes great. With Twisted we found a wine that reflects the individuality of each of us and is a testament to the fact that we are all, happily, slightly twisted.

Next came the Red Twisted. The dictionary defines twisted as “a winding together so as to produce a single strand”. This is what we have done; winding the flavours of several varieties to produce an outstanding blend that we think is dangerously drinkable!

It is our belief that we should work with what the vineyard gives us and not try to force our wines to conform. Why should they if we don’t? In 2014 the fruit was very flavourful but there wasn’t a lot of it. So we opted to make a mix a little of this with a little of that (after all we are a little Twisted) and ta-da, Pink Twisted! It was so popular that we’ve made it every year since.

After over a decade of Twisted we’ve created quite the fan base. With those Twisted fans in mind we decided to celebrate Twisted’s 15th anniversary with some bubbly – and voila Sparkling Twisted was born. After all, no matter how Twisted we are, who doesn’t want a little sparkle in their day?



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